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Pre-Inspection Checklist
New Business Fire Inspection Information

Muscle Shoals Fire Department - Fire Prevention Bureau
1004 Avalon Ave, Muscle Shoals, AL 35661
Phone | 256-386-9230
Fax | 256-386-9236
Fire Chief, Shawn Malone 
Fire Marshal, Brian Stafford
Fire Code Ordinance

Hello, and Thank You for allowing us to help you maintain a firesafe business. The mission of the Fire Prevention Bureau is, “To save lives and protect property through fire prevention education, inspection, and engineering efforts.” We take this mission statement very seriously and will do everything possible to help you maintain a fire safe business. Our visits are more than just a thorough fire safety inspection; we will also assist you with evacuation plans and employee safety programs, including a free fire safety video loan program. I have designed this pamphlet to help you prepare for your inspection. It is important to use this checklist and be ready for your inspection. Thank you and good luck in your ventures.

- All exit ways maintained clear and free of obstructions and all exit and fire doors in working condition. 
- Exit doors shall open from the inside without locks or devices which would slow or stop those exiting.
- All emergency lighting and exit lights shall be in operational condition.

- Provide at least one type 2A20BC fire extinguisher that is serviced annually by a City licensed extinguisher company.
- Do you and your employees know how to use your fire extinguisher?

- Fire sprinkler and alarm systems must be serviced on an annual basis by a licensed contractor.
- Kitchen hood and duct fire suppression systems shall be operable and serviced within the last year.

- Are the electrical appliances and cords supplying power to them in good working condition?
- Do all your electrical extension cords have a circuit breaker?
- Is there a cover on all electrical switches, outlets, and junction boxes?
- Is there a 36 inch clearance in front of the circuit breaker panel?
- Are all circuit breakers within the panel identified?

- Is the area around the furnace clear of combustible material?
- When you use portable electric heat, do you keep it away from combustible materials?
- Is your portable heater plugged into a wall outlet?

- Are address numbers for the building clearly visible from the street or highway?
- Can emergency vehicles gain access to your business without being obstructed by vehicles?
- Are vehicles parked within the fire lane or access road?
- Is this area around your building free of trash or combustible debris?

- Arrange storage in an orderly manner. Reduce storage to eighteen (18) inches below level of sprinklers or twenty-four (24) inches below ceiling in non-sprinklered rooms.
- If you have a compressed gas cylinder within your business, is it secured so it can't fall or be knocked over?
- Is there an emergency 9-1-1 sticker on or near your telephone(s)?
- Do your employees know the street address of your business?

- 2021 Edition of the International Fire Code