Muscle Shoals, Alabama


The City of Muscle Shoals operates under the Mayor-Council form of government. This form of government most closely resembles the private sector with the mayor serving as the Chief Executive Officer and the Council as the Board of Directors. The Mayor and Council are elected at large for four year terms.

The Mayor and City Council members work as a team with the employees of the City of Muscle Shoals to provide the citizens with:


Mike and his family moved to Muscle Shoals in 1993. He was employed for 27 years at Helen Keller Hospital prior to his election as Mayor of the City of Muscle Shoals. Mike has been active in the city serving as a volunteer coach during the time his children were active in the recreation program. He has also served as a past member of the Park and Recreation Board and the Civil Service Board and has also served on various civic boards within the city and community through the years. Since his election to the City Council in 2012 Mike has been an active member of the Alabama League of Municipalities. He has attained the Certified Municipal Officer, the Certified Municipal Officer Emeritus, and the Advanced Certified Municipal Officer certifications. He is also a member of the league’s Human Development Advocacy Committee.

Mayor Lockhart is currently a member of the following boards and organizations: