Headquarters Station 1

In November 1978 the fire department moved from a combination police-fire-city hall building, into this untra-modern station located at 1002 Avalon Avenue. This facility houses Engine 1, Tower 1, Truck 6, and Battalion 1. As are all stations, it has facilities for offices, living and sleeping quarters. Adjacent to this station, at 1004 Avalon Avenue, is the offices of the fire chief, assistant fire chief, and the fire marshal, as well as a fully-equipped gym.

Airport Station 2

Station 2 is located at 1687 T. Ed Campbell Drive. This station serves the Northwest Alabama Regional Airport and houses an aircraft fire rescue vehicle as well as Muscle Shoals Engine 2. This station was opened in January 1973.


Station 3

Station 3 was opened October 2002 and is located at 401 Ford Road. This station houses Engines 3 and 4. The opening of this station at a cost of $400,000, greatly decreased the response time to this area of our city. This station is a state of the art facility and is designed to blend in with its surrounding neighborhood.

Training Center on Central Avenue

 The training facility covers twenty six acres and is one of eight regional training centers in the state named by the Alabama Fire College. The training center has a burn/smoke building, a 53 repelling tower, a 30 industrial training tower, four natural gas firefighting stations, a drafting pit for pump testing, a propane pit, haz-mat training which includes three rail cars on a railroad track and several other haz-mat training props which includes a gas tanker truck, a confine space training area, a 1000 gpm pumper, a mobile air compressor for scba filling, along with an engine room and three classrooms. We host numerous of certification classes for the State Fire College along with several classes for local Fire Departments. Since completion of training center we have trained hundreds of firefighters in the United States and overseas.