Muscle Shoals, Alabama


Gattman Park

In Gattman Park, there are many facilities.  First of all, we have two gyms.  Gym #1 has a gym, party and meeting rooms, kitchen, and also holds the administrative office. Gym #2 has a gym with an indoor walking track.  This track has a rubber type floor that is very comfortable to walk on.  Gym #3 has a gym and meeting room.

Rental Fees:

Weekdays - Non-Tournament

Large Room - $30.00 per hour

Small Room - $20.00 per hour

Gym 3 Room - $30.00 per hour

Gym - $20.00 per hour

Weekends - Tournament

Large Room - $40.00 per hour

Small Room - $30.00 per hour

Gym 3 Room - $40.00 per hour

Gym - $30.00 per hour

Gym Tournament - $400.00 per day

We have two large pavilions, one small pavilion and numerous picnic tables. These are great for family reunions, birthday parties, picnics and even company picnics.

These pavilions are available for rental. The large pavilions are $40 for 4 hours and the small pavilion is $30 for four hours. We also have a small pavilion that is located in our playground/splash pad area. This pavilion is $20 per hour, but is not available on Mondays or Wednesdays from 9am-11am or Tuesdays and Thursdays from 6pm-8pm due to splash pad rentals. 

We also have four baseball fields and Mighty League Baseball field for our Adaptive Program, and two batting cages. This is where our youth play baseball and high school baseball and softball.

Also located in the park is a new playground area built in 2007, an outdoor walking track, picnic tables, playground equipment located throughout the park.

901 Gattman Park Drive


Splash Pad

Opens Memorial Day Weekend

Hours of Operation 
Monday:          10-8
Tuesday:          10-6
Wednesday:    10-8
Thursday:        10-6
Friday:             10-8
Saturday:         10-8
Sunday:            1-5

The splash pad is available for party rentals from 9am-11am on Mondays and Wednesdays and 6pm-8pm on Tuesdays and Thursdays. The cost is $60/hr. This includes rental of the splash pad and the small pavilion next to the pad. For information please call the office. 


Steenson Hollow Park

In Steenson Hollow Park we have a small pavilion and an open field that is available for small or large group recreation. 


Our Sportsplex facility is where we play all of our tournament games. We also play during the week all of our kids ages 5 - 12. The park consist of four 300 ft. fields, playground area, and several small pavilions. During the fall we also play soccer and flag football on these fields.

101 Sportsplex Drive


Sportsplex Batting Cages

Opening March 7th

Hours:   Monday-Friday   4pm-7pm
             Saturday             10am-2pm
             Sunday                2pm-4pm
**Times may change due to weather**

Cost:  1 token         $1 (15 pitches)
          7 tokens       $5  
           30 minute rental
         $15  (one machine)

              1 hour rental
         $20   (one machine)


Webster Park

This facility is located behind Webster Elementary School and has three softball fields and a large pavilion.  This facility opened in the spring of 2001. We play all of our girls 7 - 18 at this complex.

201 Webster Circle


Airport Complex

This facility opened in 2007. This facility is located adjacent to the Muscle Shoals Airport. The complex has one baseball field and three all dirt fields. We play multiple games here. 

601 Webster St.