Public hearing set to hear comment on proposed tax increase


Notice is hereby given that a public hearing is called to be held before the City Council of the City of Muscle Shoals in the Council Chambers at the Muscle Shoals City Hall, 2010 East Avalon Avenue, Muscle Shoals, Alabama, on Monday, December 18, 2017, at 6:00 ofclock, p.m., for the purpose of allowing members of the public to express views, orally or in writing, as to the proposal by the Council to increase the rate of an ad valorem school tax levied in the said City. The proposed action by the Council, which is subject to the approval of the Legislature of Alabama and a majority of the qualified electors of the said City voting at an election called for such purpose, will permit an increase in the rate at which the said ad valorem tax authorized by Amendment No. 56 to the Constitution and the laws of the State of Alabama is levied in the said City to a maximum rate which is equal to $1.25 on each one hundred dollars (12.5 mills on each dollar) of assessed value (an increase of fifty cents on each one hundred dollars of assessed value of taxable property, or five mills); the net proceeds of the tax, as increased, to be used for public school purposes. Members of the public are invited and encouraged to attend the public hearing.

David H. Bradford, Mayor