August Birthdays





in AUGUST to:

T.C. Brooks - 2nd   Thomas Burcham - 2nd   LaFrazia Russell - 6th

Joyce Driver - 9th     Faye Sanders - 12th   Martha Henderson - 13th

Shirley Johnston - 13th         Marshall Streetman - 15th     

Phyllis Burcham - 15th   Ronald Gene Bowling - 19th 

Bonnie Kendrick - 27th   Sue Owings - 30th   Bill Hallman 31st


Happy Anniversary on Aug. 2 to Cookie & Jim Waddle!


      These folks will be honored on their special day

AND at our AUGUST Birthday Ice Cream Social 

Wednesday AUGUST 30, 2017  


11:45 in the Congregate Room!

Sponsored by Good Samaritan Hospice


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