Muscle Shoals, Alabama

Helpful Tips

  1. Prepare a Home Fire Escape Plan and practice the plan often with your family.
  2. Give space heaters space. At least three feet from anything that can burn.
  3. Put matches and lighters out of the reach of younger children.
  4. Check the cushions! If you smoke look for any match or cigarette butt before you sleep. Never smoke in bed!
  5. Check your cords and wires. Loose broken cords or overloaded receptacles do cause fires. Never place a cord under a rug or furniture.
  6. Avoid kitchen dangers. Be sure pots and pans handles are turned inward so young children cannot reach them.
  7. Never store gasoline or other flammable liquids in your home. Fumes can migrate to appliance or water heater pilot lights and cause an explosion.
  8. If a small fire starts in a pan, carefully slide the lid over the pan to smother the flames, and turn off the burner. NEVER try to remove a burning pan from your home. If the fire is too hot for the lid use your home fire extinguisher or baking soda. Never use flour it will explode.
  9. Place home fire extinguishers in the kitchen away from the cooking area, and in the shop or storage area of your home. Check them annually.
  10. If your home catches fire, “Get Out and Stay Out.” Call the fire department from a neighbors home.
  11. If you are caught in a fire, get down low and crawl under the smoke.