City Council Agenda - April 15, 2019

City Council work session
4:30 pm City Hall conference room

1. Board of Education interviews

5:30 pm City Hall auditorium

2. Introduction of new police department personnel

3. Agenda items

Regular Meeting Agenda  
6:00 pm or upon the conclusion of the work session,
whichever is later

1. Call to Order.
    Roll Call

2.  Approval of minutes:  April 1, 2019 work session and regular meeting
3.  Mayor’s comments:   

4.  Comments of the public

5.  Reports of Officers:

     A. Approval of job description (Truck driver - Public 
6.  Hearings on petitions, applications, appeals, communications, etc.

7.  Financial Report

     A. Presentation of 2017-2018 financial audit
8.  Resolutions, ordinances, orders & other business:   

     A. Resolution - Board of Education appointment
     C. Agreement - Titan Electrical Contractor

Adjourn (Next meeting May 13, 2019)