City Council Agenda - March 26, 2018

City Council work session
5:30 pm City Hall 

1.  Municipal Judge Bill Marthalar

2.  Public Works Superintendent Butch Fleming

3.  Agenda items

Regular Meeting Agenda  
Upon completion of work session or 6:00 pm, whichever is later

1. Call to Order.
    Roll Call

2.  Approval of minutes:  March 5, 2018 work session and regular meeting
3.  Mayor’s comments: 

4. Comments of the public

5.  Reports of Officers:
    A. Authorize purchase garbage trucks - NJPA Cooperative
    B. Award bid - concessions (Recreation)
    C. Authorize sale - John Deere 1435 mower to Tri-Green Equipment

6. Hearings on petitions, applications, appeals, communications, etc. 
7. Financial Reports
8. Resolutions, ordinances, orders & other business:
    A. Resolution - NACOLG CDBG grant administrative contract
    B. Resolution - April, 2018 "Fair Housing Month"
    C. Resolution - Essential Air Service
    D. Approve exchange of easement for 25 ft Cypress Lakes Golf Course