Muscle Shoals, Alabama


The City of Muscle Shoals is a ISO Class 2 city. This classification is done by the Insurance Services Offices (ISO) and is based on water availability, the number of people on duty, the training, equipment, and location of the fire stations.

What does this mean to the Citizens of Muscle Shoals?

The lower the ISO rating, the lower your fire insurance premiums. Classifications range from class 10 to class 1. Those areas with a class 10 rating either have no fire department or an un-rated department, and pay the highest insurance rates.

As the classification ratings change to a lower number, insurance premiums decrease. Classes 1 through 3 are rare. As noted, Muscle Shoals enjoys a class 2 ISO rating.

How much could that be worth ?

The following comparison illustrates the value of a class three rating. A home valued at $150,000 dollars situated in a class 10 location would pay $1,358.00 annually for fire insurance, while the same home in Muscle Shoals would pay only $500.00.